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Behaviour change: the return on investment

In one of my earlier blog posts I described a behavioural phenomenon called the rebound effect: changes in people’s behaviour caused by the introduction of technology designed to use resources more efficiently. For example, you replace your traditional light bulbs with new energy efficient ones and then people become less vigilant and start to leave [...]

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Enabling Innovation

I recently attended an event held in the new innovation space at the Ministry for Primary Industries in Wellington. Nathan Donaldson from Boost New Media took us through a series of activities highlighting the benefits that setting up an empowered work culture can have on innovation and productivity, beyond simply providing a well designed environment [...]

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Getting Business Fit for the Future

You know that you’ve attended a good event when you wake up the next morning at 5.30am with ideas still buzzing inside your head. That was my experience after attending the Fit for the Future 2012 event in Auckland on the 27th of September. In an effort to make the buzzing go away, here are [...]

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Changing consumer behaviour

After finishing the first edition of the Adaptation Newsletter focusing on the future, I came across a deluge of interesting articles and reports about sustainable consumption and the role of businesses in changing consumer behaviour. This post summarises the learning that I have taken away from these resources. A vision for sustainable consumption The World [...]

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Book review: Sway or Switch?

I’ve recently finished reading two books on the psychological forces that influence human behaviour. They both have similar catchy titles, outline interesting case studies of behaviour and offer insights into how the psychology working behind the scenes can be applied  to help bring about change. ‘Sway – The Irrisetable Pull of Irrational Behaviour’ by Ori Brafman and Rom [...]

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Seeing the system

A recent Guardian Sustainable Business article got me thinking about the importance of seeing the whole system when it comes to behaviour change. In their article Beyond Nudge Vania Phtidis and Sophie Sabbage argue that just nudging people to make better choices (e.g. making recycling easy) isn’t achieving the outcomes that we need for our [...]

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Celebrating success

This week saw two sets of awards being presented that are worth sharing. On Thursday night I attended the Sustainable Business Network’s Central and Southern Region awards which highlight the region’s top sustainable businesses. The overall winner was corporate apparel provider  Booker~Spalding Limited, who started their sustainabilty journey in response to customer demand, and now leading [...]

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Catalysts for transformation

I’ve been coming across some great examples of applying the principles of natural systems to the business world. In his TED talk on Cradle to Cradle design, architect and designer Bill McDonough outlines how blueprints from nature are being applied to everything from the design of shoes to carpet manufacture, and even whole cities in China. [...]

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Shaping the future

  At the end of March I was fortunate to attend the StrategyNZ workshop in Wellington hosted by the Sustainable Future Institute. At the workshop, I had the opportunity to hear some inspiring speakers share their vision for New Zealand, and their insights on what we need to change in order to get there. The workshop also involved [...]

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Energy saving in the workplace: Preventing the rebound effect

In May this year, the New Zealand Government launched its Energising Business programme to help businesses reduce costs through saving energy. It appears to be a great opportunity for New Zealand businesses. Just arrange for one of the service providers to audit your energy efficiency, implement their recommendations and the Government will pay up to [...]

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